1 In studio

2 Open Action Night

3 VAV Gallery performance night

L'Grand Festin d'Art Ici

sound of silence

This performance is durational and can last for as long as the sound does. First performed in studio in october 2019, the drawing can take place anywhere. Here, I used soft pastel on fabric. 

The second time I performed  sound of silence was during our first Open Action Night (a project space I facilitated with my good friend Merlin Heintzman Hope), taking place in Concordia University’s visual arts building in an old cafe space. This time, I began before people noticed. As those present chattered away I drew out their sounds until they began to notice. Some, like Merlin who knew what I was doing, tested me, making specific noises to see what I would catch. I planned to be interrupted by another sound-based performance in order to finish. 

There is no documentation of the third edition, performed during the performance night at the VAV Gallery. At this time I drew on the floor, house music was playing, thumping around me, blocking out all organic sounds. It was definitely a challenge, and certainly not the ideal location for this to occur.

A fourth and otherwise undocumented edition took place outdoors at L'Grand Festin d'Art Ici in Jarry Park in september 2020. It was windy, I was overstimulated and not at all focused.


forum spring forward is an audio piece resulting from a sound walk,  I vocalise the colours as they come, illustrating, in a sense, what goes on in my mind while performing sound of silence and generally, on an everyday basis.