remember you have a body, remember you live in a city

is the growing installation of a drawing, well, a series of synaesthesia drawings drawn from two years of conversations, feelings and relationships. 

“okay, chloe”, I am writing my name phonetically - it is a dusty light pink, a halo smudge of duckling yellow, blurred to sand and then to grey with no two dots, no trema, no umlaut, no diaeresis, “we are going down now, haha, we, me and my body.”

a jagged feeling, a pinch in the stomach
it is dark, green and purple, the pinch is a knot,
it is fluorescent yellowgreen, sometimes aqua blue.

The atmosphere is grey, contained. Grey in the way dirt contains specks of all colours, but not
actually dirty. I feel hazy, I guess. Over and under stimulated at once. I do not know what to hold on to. My arms float beside, up and above me. I don’t know where they are going but I know my fingertips are cold. But at least I have the guys, they are here with me.

Performative installation (interactive, modular)
Wool, cotton, blue spirulina, riboflavin, aqua dispersions, chalk pastel, hay, rosemary, wood, fishing wire, paper pulp, corn starch, plaster, wax, metal, particle board, speakers

Photos by Asher O’Gorman, Gerda Fischbach and Jorit Aust.