Curator, Art Matters 2019

porpos created a space in the art world for craft, for art that has a purpose, for arte-utile. It commented on the notion of art for art’s sake, aspiring to assemble many maker disciplines. These works transcended the museum space and invited viewers to become more than viewers - these works invited viewers to become participants, makers of their own. Challenging both artists and participants to think about the way we experience and embody art, what is lost in the creation process, and suggest ways to save these losses from landfills. porpos questioned utility, usefulness and uselessness in art through multisensory work, tied to the land it was created on.


Artists and works:

Annik St-Arnaud / Orange Float
Dominic Chalifour / Le Déjeuner
Laura Douglas / Microbial Glow
Laura Simard-Lemaire / Cueille-Moi
Lindsey Lagemaat / Mat
Meredith Parent-Delgadillo / Duality
Rachelle A. Fleury / Yellow, Bead, Through
Rachelle Marcoux / Remains of the Future
Yannick Victor / This is a real canoe

Photos by Kit Mergaeret.