1 Becoming IHOOQ

2 Video: IHOOQ plants seeds


LHOOQ so subtle and comical, the mona lisa with facial hair. nothing more, nothing less. simple and powerful. the name is something i immediately connected to as a bilingual queb. pronouncing these letters in english means nothing - elle-ayche-oh-oh-cue. but in french, elle-a-chaud-au-cul. she has a hot ass (she is hot in the ass) - referring to the mona lisa as an object of lust, or a woman filled with anger, with a fire pushing forth her natural power (as i’d like to think… but i have a feeling it’s typically interpreted as the latter.) naturally i took it open myself to objectify men/everyone, in my own name - ihooq - y-a-chaud-au-cul. my own pronunciation of this is smooth and quick, but i tend to favour “ihooq” (e-hook) as a word. with these ideas i pushed forth a new persona, a visual representation of this powerful entity, with a fire under their ass. ihooq is, like a wookie, quite hairy.

the colour of my hair is one i could never identify, red, orange or ginger do no justice. each label has a derogatory stereotype. i’ve tried to recreate the perfect colour several times, and it is near impossible. womxn with this hair colour have been persecuted as witches, torchered, burned alive or objectified as mythological goddesses throughout history. my hair is the colour of fire, and it does define me.

ihooq is thus, all encompassing, and ever in progress. not polished whatsoever, quite messy, definitely needs some work, love and care. ihooq is graceful, present, asymetric, and powerful.