1 Shroud or, glove (Places to put things: body)

2 Paper pots
3 Places
4 Core
5 Collection

things and places to put them

Beginning intuitively, from a need to protect and surround oneself with care, this glove acts as a shroud, all encompassing and comforting. However, the act of wearing the glove cuts circulation, the wearers hands become cold and their movement is restricted. Tasks are completed awkwardly as the wear fumbles around with the paper thread it is made from. Continuing to make it while it is being worn is a necessity. Tangling the threads, following a set of rules and loops, but none of typical crafting methods or techniques. The glove is ever growing, and the wearer learns how to best fit it to their body, moving past the cold discomfort, loosening the threads, embracing vulnerability and imperfection.

On another plain, creating small vessels that have no function, yet use no adhesives and would be entirely degradable. These places to put things, they too are shrouds.